Drew Barrymore And Ross Mathews Have Rare Debate On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’: “I Disagree So Wholeheartedly With You”

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The Drew Barrymore Show was looking a little more like The View today. While Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews often agree with each other during their daily Drew’s News chats, this morning’s episode featured a heated debate between the co-hosts about texting in relationships.

According to a dating expert on TikTok, new couples should avoid texting early on in their relationship — and Barrymore, who called texting the “death of romance,” couldn’t agree more.

However, Mathews quickly let it be known that his old-school pal had it all wrong.

“Are you out of your mind?” he asked Barrymore. “There’s nothing like that thing where you meet the person, you have the first date, and then the next day they text like, ‘Can’t stop thinking about our date last night.'”

He added, “That’s the best text in the world! There’s nothing more romantic than that.”

When Mathews pointed out that we are living in a world “where texting exists,” Barrymore reminded him that we are also living in a world where people put “so much expectation and emphasis on texting.”

“Literally, I see people like, ‘Well, he hasn’t texted me,'” she explained. “I’m like, ‘Text just started in the history of man. Text is so new!'”

'The Drew Barrymore Show'
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The actress-turned-talk show host then passionately listed the reasons why texting can have a negative effect in the romance department.

“God forbid you say something you don’t want to or you worry about how it comes off, then your day is ruined because you sent a text that’s made you heady and vulnerable. Or they sent a text and you can’t figure it out so you sit there with all your friends trying to decode it,” she said, before yelling, “I hate texting! I hate it!”

Barrymore let out one final hiss (literally), before Mathews doubled down on his stance.

“I love your passion but I disagree so wholeheartedly with you,” he said.

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