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From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ To ‘Fellow Travelers’: ‘Tis The Season For Toe Sucking

Like Ferris Wheel sex before it, toe sucking is having a major moment on screen in 2023. And it’s high time someone calls out the toe-tally NSFW trend. (Sorry!)

The often sexualized practice of inserting toes into mouth — a place where toes don’t typically venture — is nothing new. Heck, Women’s Health celebrated Toe Sucking Fall back in 2019! But from extended storylines in reality series like ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise to a jaw-dropping scene in Showtime’s Fellow Travelers, it appears toe sucking season is upon us once more. And Decider is helping you celebrate with a list of best foot sucking scenes from 2023 series and films.

Toe sucking has likely received even more screen time over the past 11 months than noted, but we’ve gathered the most memorable moments below. So relax, put your feet up, and feast your eyes on these four famous toe sucking scenes!

  1. Olivia’s Toes Owned The Bachelor in Paradise Beach

    Olivia on 'Bachelor in Paradise' and her foot
    Photo: ABC

    Though no toes were sucked in the making of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 (that we know of), toe sucking was the talk of the premiere thanks to 24-year-old contestant Olivia Lewis, who boldly asked her first Paradise love interest Will Urena if he liked her enough to suck her toes. After Olivia ranked her own toes “12 out of 10 suckable,” Will said, “They do look good and you smell good, so I wonder what they taste like. Paradise producers caption his name card, “Will, Amenable To Sucking Toes.” And Olivia ran to the ocean to wash the sand off her feet in hopes of making her toes more appetizing.

    “They look a little more suckable now — now that they’re clean and crispy white, I’d start on the big toe and work my way down,” Will said. Instead, he started off with a kiss, which successfully distracted Olivia from the toe sucking — but not for long. As the rest of the episode (and the first part of the season) unfolded, talk of the toe sucking spread through the beach, and contestants — even Wells Adams — were all chatting about what the Paradise bartender called an “NC-17 convo.” Former Bachelorette lead Rachel Recchia even weighed in on the topic, telling cameras, “I’ve never sucked a toe, but I could be open to sucking a toe. I mean if all we’re talking about is toes maybe I’m missing out on something. I could put a toe in my mouth, probably. I put a lot of other things in there, so I don’t know why a toe would be different.”

  2. The Golden Bachelor‘s Toe-Tally NSFW Never Have I Ever Game

    This may come as a shock, but in terms of the Bachelor franchise, toe sucking talk wasn’t limited to Paradise. Episode 4 of the senior spin-off gave Bachelor Nation a glimpse of a spicy game of Never Have I Ever between Susan, Kathy, Nancy, Sandra, April, and Faith. But after the episode aired, ABC released a deleted scene that took the game to a whole other level, thanks to sweet little lactose-intolerant Sandra, who raised the stakes by saying, “Never Have I Ever sucked toes.”

    The ladies burst into laughter, as comments like “what?!” and “ew!” started flying. And though no one ate any ice cream, April did chime in to say “Never— no wait, I did have my toes SUCKED!” In response, Faith said, “Have you been the sucker or the suckee?! I’ve never sucked toes vs. I’ve never had my toes sucked.” As the game went fully off the rails, Kathy simply lifted her bare foot to the camera, April made a disgusted face, and Faith callsed for an end to the toe-sucking talk. Unlike Paradise producers, the Golden Bachelor girls knew when to quit.

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  3. Fellow Travelers Feasted On Matt Bomer’s Foot

    Jonathan Bailey sucking Matt Bomer's right foot in 'Fellow Travelers'
    Photo: Showtime

    Based on the book by Thomas Mallon, Fellow Travelers follows Hawkins “Hawk” Fuller (Matt Bomer) and Tim “Skippy” Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey), two D.C. politicos who fall in love and carry out a secret, sexy affair behind closed bedroom doors. As Decider’s Meghan O’Keefe wrote, “The sex scenes in Fellow Travelers are refreshingly steamy not just because they feature two openly gay actors exploring gay sex through a queer lens, but because they play out as expressions of power. Which is perfectly fitting for the show’s themes and its story.”

    The miniseries is full of skin-on-skin action, but one of the most memorable scenes (which also plays with Hawk and Tim’s power dynamic) involves — yep, you guessed it — toe sucking! Post-hookup, Hawk is about to duck out to attend another political event, when Tim boldly asks to tag along. “I’m your boy, right? And your boy wants to go to the party,” he says, prompting Hawk to ask, “How much does he want to go?” As Tim goes to pull down Hawk’s boxers, Hawk snaps, “Not yet.” He sticks his leg out to restrain Tim, and taking the hint, Tim pulls off Hawk’s sock and starts kissing his bare foot. “Open up,” Hawk orders. And Tim doesn’t just stick Hawk’s big toe in his mouth, within seconds, Bailey is deep throating a third of Bomer’s right foot!

    While foot fetishists may find the moment mouthwatering, behind the scenes, filming wasn’t as sexy. “He had a big bandage on his toe. I said, ‘Well why don’t we put the other toe in Johnny’s mouth,'” executive producer Daniel Minahan told Variety. And then of course, in between takes, we would wash his feet. You have to think those kinds of things, especially poor Johnny, he had to do that scene a number of times.”

  4. Talk To Me

    In the A24 horror film Talk to Me, Mia (Sophie Wilde) has a crush on Daniel (Otis Dhanji), an all-around nice guy who happens to be dating her friend Jade (Alexandra Jensen). After a night of hanging out and talking, they both fall asleep next to each other in bed. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s a little illicit, and the viewer begins to wonder whether the two of them might get together, up until the rotting old woman crawls across the floor and sucks Daniel’s toes while Mia screams in horror. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention one detail: Mia, Daniel, and other teens have been playing around with the hand of a psychic that allows them to see ghosts. And some of those ghosts have started to break through into the real world, terrorizing Mia. One other detail I forgot to mention? It isn’t the dead old woman at all sucking on Daniel’s toes… It’s Mia, in a possessed trance. And when Daniel wakes up to discover his little piggies nearly all the way down Mia’s throat, he freaks out, dooming any chance they have for a romantic relationship. Let that be a lesson to all of us: don’t play with a psychic’s hand to summon ghosts, because you might end up getting possessed and sucking your crush’s toes accidentally. Truly, one of life’s most relatable aphorisms!

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