Whoopi Goldberg’s Sentimental Take On Thanksgiving Derailed When Ana Navarro’s Phone Rings On ‘The View’: “Somebody’s Trying To Call You”

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Whoopi Goldberg‘s heartfelt plea for Millennials to visit their loved ones on Thanksgiving was abruptly interrupted when Ana Navarro‘s phone went off on this morning’s episode of The View.

According to a new report that was read during today’s Hot Topics segment, Millennials are opting to take solo trips instead of visiting with family around the holidays — something 45% of Americans have reportedly considered.

The panel’s resident Millennial, Alyssa Farah Griffin, was fully on board with this idea.

“I love this for Millennials. I think that as a generation, Millennials and Gen Z have kind of grown up when we talked more about mental health and we’re bigger about setting boundaries for ourselves,” she said. “If going home for Thanksgiving is gonna trigger you, it’s gonna upset you, do something else. That’s OK.”

However, Goldberg offered a different — and more sentimental — take on the subject.

“The only thing I want to remind people is that you never know when the last holiday will be. And so, if you don’t get home, call home because you —,” she said, before the sound of someone’s phone cut her off.

Sara Haines assured the group that it “wasn’t” her, while Griffin told Goldberg, “Somebody’s trying to call you.” Eventually, Joy Behar put the blame on Ana Navarro, who took full responsibility for forgetting to mute her phone before the start of the segment.

'The View'
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Once they had it figured out, Goldberg continued her PSA.

“It’s important to remember that because you will find yourself sometimes in a position and you think, ‘Damn, I should’ve just…’ Don’t beat yourself up,” she said. “You can’t see the future. If you can get home and it’s a good situation, go home. And if you’re not able to, just call.”

She added, “I know it’s a pain in the behind but it takes two minutes and they’ll be happy to see you.”

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