Joy Behar Doubts Trump’s Claims About His “Excellent” Health On ‘The View’: “Rambling, Sweating Clown”

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Joy Behar never passes up a chance to take a dig at former president Donald Trump on The View, and she issued an especially harsh criticism on this morning’s show.

During a conversation about ongoing support for Trump’s 2024 campaign — and widespread indifference to his Republican challengers — the co-hosts debated why Trump continues to hold power despite his myriad of controversies.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked in the Trump administration as White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to the President, said Trump’s influence continues because of “money and power.”

Citing the “multi-billion dollar industry” around him, Griffin said people are supporting Trump because they are making money off of him.

“It’s good for their bottom line,” Griffin said, placing blame on “prominent Trump backers” and not on everyday voters.

When it was Behar’s time to chime in, she suggested that Trump’s lies are “continuous and unabating,” telling the panel, “Now he’s got this osteopath saying he’s in perfect health,” referring to a letter from Dr. Bruce Aronwald claiming the one-term POTUS had an “exceptional” cognitive exam and was in “excellent” health, per CNN.

Behar continued, “The guy is a rambling, sweating clown, and he’s forced into a girdle and golf pants and they’re saying that that is the pinnacle of health? Well what does illness look like? That’s what I want to know.”

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As is practically tradition now at The View, they ended their Trump segment with a legal note about his ongoing criminal cases. After Sunny Hostin stated that Trump “has continued to deny any wrongdoing and maintains his innocence in both state and federal criminal cases” and has “pleaded not guilty to all charges,” Whoopi Goldberg snuck in a dig of her own.

She quipped, “And I’m a natural blonde!”

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