Taylor Ann Green Confesses That She “Initiated” Kiss With Austen Kroll On ‘Southern Charm’: “I Caught Him Off Guard”

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Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll have shared new details about their scandalous kiss on the latest episode of Southern Charm, which aired on Thursday night (Nov. 16).

While having a park picnic with JT Thomas, Green revealed that she “initiated” the kiss with Kroll, who is not only her ex-boyfriend Shep Rose‘s close friend, but is also her best friend Olivia Flowers‘ ex-situationship. Their forbidden rendezvous has found Green in hot water with much of the cast — especially Flowers.

“I caught him off guard. I initiated it. I take full responsibility for that,” Green admitted, to which Thomas replied, “Wow. That’s a bombshell.”

In her confessional, Green acknowledged that it would be “weird and crazy and wild” for her and Kroll to date — but it wouldn’t be the first time two good friends who recently went through breakups have ended up together. While the situation isn’t necessarily unheard of, Green said there “wasn’t” a real connection between them after their kiss.

Later on in the episode, Kroll reenacted what went down between him and Green the night they locked lips. During his conversation with Craig Conover and Whitney Sudler-Smith at the Gentlemen’s Dinner, the reality star noted that it “takes two to tango” — but echoed that Green was the one who “made a move” on him.

'Southern Charm'
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According to Kroll, they were “jamming” out in his kitchen when he turned around and Green went in for the smooch. While he promised nothing more happened between them, he said he did “not” feel bad about doing it in the moment.

“I don’t necessarily mean that the kiss didn’t mean anything, but Taylor and I did not end up dating,” he said in his confessional. “We talked and we decided that we were better off as friends. I thought that we could just bury it and keep it a secret from everyone. And that’s what I regret doing.”

However, it looked like Kroll first had his sights set on Green before she began dating Rose. As Conover pointed out, Kroll said he would take her home if his friend decided not to during a night out a few years back.

“Shep left and her and I were talking about how fun it is to make out with people. In my mind, I was sitting there being like, this is your time. Like, you could go for it right now. But I fucking didn’t, did I?” Kroll said, to which Conover quipped, “You were like, ‘I’m gonna wait until you date my buddy to make out with you.'”

Southern Charm airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo. New episodes are available to stream the next day on Peacock.