This program is formulated for the achievement of “Peace On Earth”


The situation the world is in today. What other program will give us the solution to the problems we are facing?

The world’s population is growing faster than the proper education to cope with it.

We were given thousands of years ago the TEN COMMANDMENTS guiding us toward a life with Liberty and happiness for all. But we did not pay attention to them.

We were given the Constitution of the U.S.A. based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, where the founding fathers told us the importance of Honor and integrity for a “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” to survive.

The founding fathers hoped other nations would follow America’s Constitution for the enjoyment of Liberty and Happiness. Unfortunately, most other nations did not follow.

No money contribution will ever be asked. Only spread the word visiting my site, tell them to read the letters I wrote, and if possible, the letter I am sending to Leaders of the World, send to everyone they can. A repetitious manner to same Leader, will demonstrate the interest of millions of “Peace on Earth”.

I am an 81 year old man. I am giving everyone free of charge, the experience and knowledge I acquired, for one reason: I want America to be the way it was supposed to be, ” One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All”. Following the words of President Ronald Reagan: If we ever forget that we are a NATION under God, then we will be a Nation GONE UNDER.

Follow me for the success of the Wonderful Program by just visiting this website and reading the easy instructions.

May the Lord Bless us all,

Reynerio Sanchez

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