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Three Essentials necessary to prevent the total destruction of OUR NATION:

#1. Proper Education: Learn about MORAL AND CIVIC, this will give us the ability of communicating in a decent and proper manner, with love and understanding, never hatred that leads toward arguments and bad behavior.

#2 Proper Education: Listen to those who give good advice with open eyes and mind. LIERS are never honest, always searching for POWER AND MONEY.

For example: Nancy Pelosi, for more than 4 years trying to Impeach President Trump with lie after lie, like: His Collusion with Russia and others, even though most of the group following her are enemies of the U.S.A., haters of Trump, never giving proof of any of their lies to be true. Remember Adam Schiff; ” I was told by a whistle-blower that: ( on many different occasions)”. Never was evidence given of any of his accusations.

#3. Proper Education: According to the ESSAYS of some of OUR FOUNDING FATHERS, “A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC can not prevail without the proper education of its CONSTITUENCY. Let me tell you again about my introduction dated 8/31/2021, “Our World is growing faster in population than the proper education to cope with it. Our school system is changing to the worse, removing from classes the books teaching our Wonderful History, our Culture based on love and understanding, religion to promote Liberty and Happiness for everyone, instead the introduction of books related to MARXISM-LENINISM, and Communism in general. This is not a joke, this is REALITY IN THE GREATEST POSSIBLE WAY. LIKE I ALWAYS SAY: ONLY A DIVINE MIRACLE CAN SAVE AMERICA FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION. May the Lord protect us, Amen

Message of the Week dated 9/7/2021

DATED 9/7/2021

Today, August 31, 2021 marks the day in HISTORY that our President Joe Biden BETRAYED, not only our nation but all our ALLIES and GOOD FRIENDS around the world by exiting the WAR IN AFGHANISTAN in such an INHUMANE MANNER that will promote the killing of millions of people in that Nation including Americans left behind, a President that since the first week in office , stopped the Southern border wall construction and allowed ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to enter this Country, DRUGS, double or triple from previous years, mixed in those millions of enemies from around the world entering the U.S.A., many of them bringing the infection of Corona Virus, spreading that infection by loaded planes and buses throughout many states is the cause of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE dying every week in OUR GREAT NATION. The only two words to describe this horrible behavior are “CRIMINAL AND INHUMANE”. The only way of solving this problem is by removing from office, as soon as possible, our President Joe Biden, vice president Kamala Harris. We cannot stop there, we must remove also all the members of government with the mentality of the president and vice president, to name a few: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Liz Cheney, traitor, not only of the Republican party but the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES BY VOTING for the impeachment of a LEGALLY ELECTED President Trump in the ILLEGALLY CONDUCTED IMPEACHMENT PROCESS, WELL-KNOWN by most people. I am 84 years old, I was a Fidel Castro follower, went back to Cubs in 1959 a few months after his take over. Only took me 3 months to know Fidel Castro was a Communist, and my son, 9 months old was not going to be raised under a Communist Regime. My comments will be based in the TRUTH, NEVER, NEVER LIES. May the Lord Bless you all.

Reynerio Sanchez

Divine Miracle

This MIRACLE will become REALTY by Praying and Perseverance. Never hurting anyone Physically or with offensive words. Our world is growing faster in population than getting the proper education to cope with it. The Founding Fathers based the Constitution of the U.S.A with JUDEO-CHRISTIAN beliefs, America became the BEST NATION ON EARTH by following its GREATNESS, WE enjoy the excellent standard of living for 244 years.

Please, have a GROUP CONTACT and send the messages you will be getting every week. Will be no greater SATISFACTION than the one you will experiment creating a GOOD FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Any comments please email me :