‘Napoleon’ Ends With a Sweet Dedication to Ridley Scott’s Dog, Lulu

This Thanksgiving, after you go see Napoleon in theaters with your family, there will be plenty of things to discuss on the way back to the family car. Why was Joaquin Phoenix speaking in an American accent? How many horses were used in the filming of this movie? Did the real Napoleon Bonaparte actually snort like an animal in heat while having sex with Empress Joséphine?

But perhaps the most pressing question will be one born out of the Napoleon credits: Who is Lulu, and why is the movie dedicated to them?

After Napoleon ends, and the credits begin to roll, text appears on the screen that declares, “Dedicated to Lulu.” Naturally, this dedication will leave folks curious as to who Lulu is. Well, according to a little bit of internet research, Lulu is (or was) the dog of acclaimed filmmaker and Napoleon director Ridley Scott.

Who is Lulu from the Napoleon dedication?

It appears Lulu is the name of a dog that was owned by Ridley Scott. A 2014 Hollywood Reporter article about industry pets noted that RSA films, the production company founded by Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott, allowed employees to bring pets into the office and let them roam free. The article mentioned that Ridley Scott’s dog, named Lulu, would come into the office when Scott was in town.

That was over nine years ago, however. While there isn’t any more information about Ridley Scott’s dog publicly available, we can guess from this dedication that it sounds like Lulu may have sadly passed on while Scott was filming Napoleon. Poor puppy. On the other hand, maybe she’s fine and Scott just really thinks she’s a good dog! This is all speculation. Either way, this epic portrayal of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte goes out to Scott’s furry friend Lulu.