Jenna Bush Hager Left Mortified After She Accidentally Called Her Husband “Daddy” On ‘Today’: “Is There A Corner I Can Go Sit In For A Few Minutes?”

Jenna Bush Hager had a major slip-up during Monday’s (Nov. 20) broadcast of Today With Hoda & Jenna when Hoda Kotb recounted how she spent her weekend with her daughters.

“We went to see Trolls [Band Together] this weekend,” she told her co-host. “3D glasses, the music’s awesome, there are a lot of adult references, so if you want to go and enjoy… The kids will love it.”

Bush Hager said she wanted to take her kids to see the new comedy musical this week, before adding, “Hal wants to be baby Diamond and have Daddy be – first of all, I just called my husband ‘daddy’ on television.”

Kotb could not hold back her laughter as Bush Hager appeared to be mortified by her mistake. “Namaste,” Kotb told her. “Isn’t it weird if all the things you said in your own house, you said out loud? People would think you are crazy.”

But Bush Hager need a moment to gather herself before continuing.

“I just called my husband ‘daddy,'” she said. “Is there like a corner I can go sit in for a few minutes?”

Jenna Bush Hager embarrassed
Photo: NBC

Soon enough, though, the Today show hosts regrouped and continued their conversation about Trolls Band Together. Bush Hager clarified that her three-year-old son Hal wanted to dress up as the Trolls character Tiny Diamond and have his father, Henry Hager, dress up as Guy Diamond.

This isn’t the first time Bush Hager found herself in a somewhat embarrassing position on live television. Just a few months ago, she cracked a joke about having an affair that she immediately backtracked.

At the time, she and Kotb were discussing how “hot” it is to see a man reading in public when she said, “If they’re reading something I respect, that could be grounds for an affair.”

She then quickly added, “I’m just kidding, I would never do that. I would never. Henry and I are very happy. And he reads.”

After Kotb asked why she was becoming “defensive,” Bush Hager admitted, “Because I shouldn’t have said that, I went too far.”

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